Auction for Emporium

This is a silent auction with work donated by local and associated Catskill Area artists. Proceeds will help to complete Atina Foods Outdoor Kitchen and Emporium. The Auction will be live online here and on our fb event page from Sunday June 4th through 9 am Sunday June 11th. Starting at 12:30 pm on June 11th, Atina Foods will host Windows Before Walls benefit Luncheon in Catskill. The event begins with Bali Daan,  sacred offering, a vegetarian Luncheon followed by the final live auction where  items will be displayed live for final bids. Throughout the luncheon the items will be on display and can be bidded on prior to the final auction.  

To bid on an item, please email Atina4464@gmail.com with the number of the item and your bid, or message the moderator on our FB Event. The prices will be updated regularly on both pages, if you check interested in the fb event, you will receive our updates to the event  page automatically  If you  can not make it to the Live Event on the 11th and want to secure the bid, we can set you up with a proxie bidder who will bid for you! OR just et us know your high bid. Payments can be made by check or paypal, and we can only trust those who bid will follow through  on there donation. 

We are very honored for the support with which these artists have donated their work, and to you the bidder for wanting to help out and take home one of these a beautiful pieces.  We look forward to more, this summer at The Emporium!


Linda Mary Montano (Saugerties) 1. 


A half hour phone art/life counseling performance with Linda Mary Montano.

Linda Mary Montano, born in 1942, is a seminal figure in the field of feminist performance art. She came to prominence in the 1960s and is best known for performances of long duration that require tremendous endurance on the part of the artist. Some performances have lasted as long as fourteen years; others have required her to be bound and blindfolded, and to undergo hours of physical exertion. Her most significant contribution to the field of performance art, however, is the incredible empathy she conveys to her audience. Hers is a practice of affirmation, meditation, and empowerment. From ArtsPractical Interview. Photo by Gisela Camper.


1. Starting Bid $33.00 (bid increments of $5)  - Email Atina



Dina Bursztyn (Catskill) 2. 



Etching 3/50, 1998

print size  8"x 5.75" 

paper size 11" x15"

Frame size: (coming). 


2. Starting bid $90 (bid increments of $10) - Email Atina





5. a. b. c. d. 


Disclaimer:  image is a sample,  your envisionment will be unique. 

7. A and B


Starry Blessings

12. a b and c


15. a. b. c. 

16.  a and b

18. a and b

3_ x 3 10_16_ medium-small tea bowl .JPG




Marc Swanson  (Catskill) 3. 


Iris eyes 

Graphite and collage on paper. 2017

10"x13" Framed. 


3. Starting Bid $250 (bid increments of $100). Retail value $2500- Email Atina

Julie Chase (Catskill) 4. 


Guy Fawkes, Jr.  

Embroidered vintage photograph

Photo dimensions: 2 1/8" x 2 11/16"

Frame dimensions: (coming)  x    2012


4. Starting Bid: $85 (bid increments of $10)  - Email Atina


Jef "Wolfy" Scharf (Red Hook) 5.

Spices used by ATINA FOODS!! : ). A series. Paint Marker on Wood Panel.

wolfypartii.com Instagram: Wolfypartii

a. Asafoetida.  5"x8.25" Starting Bid: $50 (bid increments of $5)

b. Asafoetida Weird. 8.25'x5" Starting Bid: $50 (bid increments of $5)  - Email Atina

c. Curry Leaf. 9"x6" Starting Bid: $80 (bid increments of $5) 

d. Turmeric. 7"x5" Starting Bid: $50 (bid increments of $5)  - Email Atina

Matt Bua (Catskill) 6. 


"See Tru"

Time: Right Now!

Matt will be giving free sessions of anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes of his "envisioning service"- SEE TRU to attendees to the Atina fundraiser.

Silent donations can then be dropped in the great corn mothers hat.

Partakers in the See Tru envisioning service will be treated to a  visual brainstorming session which will leave one with solid tangible hand drawn evidence of a vision, idea, slogan, invention of their choice from there not too distant future.

See Tru was established on January 1st, 2017 by Catskill artist and author Matt Bua. So far, never a client has been left disappointed.

Think it and your mind will run, sketch it- then you can fetch it

More of Matt's Work Can be found here at Bhome

Evan Pritchard (Rosendale) 7. 


a. Tribes and Tributaries. First Peoples of the Hudson Estuary Bioregion

b. Mohican Nation

11 x 17 Laminated

Evan Pritchard is the director of the Center for Algonquin Culture based in Rosendale, NY and has created a series of detailed maps of Native America circa 1609. Some are digitally mastered, some are hand drawn. He has written over thirty books about Native American culture and has appeared on the History Channel and CNN.


7. Starting Bid on each $10. Please note in Bid, map A or B. (bid increments of $3)  -

High Bid $15  (a)

 (b)High Bid $15




Inju Keum (Catskill) 8.

11" x 48" Handwoven table runner using the Saori zen meditation weaving technique in a circle of other mediation practitioners ( so very good vibes integrated into the weave). 2017

Keeping with the philosophy of Atina Foods and Emporium - this is made totally from start to finish by the hand of the artist - Inju Kaboom, with intentional mindfulness of blessings and prosperity for good friends! (Yay Carrie and Suresh!!).  

- material is made of organic hand spun and hand dyed yarn using a zero waste philosophy to textile fabrication

- organic cotton, silk harvested from local mulberry trees, wool from small local wool farms from PA, NY and NJ

- all yarn have been dyed using Bengala Dye which is a iron (III) oxide that comes from the soil, and the origin of the name is from the Bengal region in India-Bangladesh as the process was found in that area. It is an ancient color, made from the oldest pigments, and has been used since the Old Stone Age. You can also see it in the Lascaux Caves in France and the Altamira Caves in Spain. It is said that the greatest quantity of red soil on earth is iron (III) oxide.  Click here to see the colors available in this practice.

Inju Kaboom is a multimedia actionist working within idioms that require digressive plays both within and without the realm of art. She has been running Kaboom!Press; an independent publishing company that encourages extreme forms of spontaneous creative collaborations with both the medium and other artists.

Links: audio work  - kaboompress - Fahrenheit 451 House (Catskill).

8. Starting Bid:  $200.00 (bid increments of $20) 

Alison Beth Levy (Rosendale / Napanoch) 9. 

Curator and Astrologer, Alison Beth Levy, offers to help you MANIFEST MORE JOY through the insight, magic and compassion of an Astrology/Oracle reading. She will answer ANY THREE QUESTIONS you have - about ANYTHING, including upon your life, your art career, your cat, on the world situation, etc. Exact birth time helpful. Can be done in person in Rosendale or email, phone, Skype.

Time: 1 hour-ish

About Alison B Levy and Starry Blessings Astrology. 

9. Starting Bid $44 (bid increments of $5)  - Email Atina

Fawn Potash (Catskill) 10. 


9" x 6" Medium?  2014

Fawn Potash is a Hudson Valley based studio artist whose work has been shown in New York City, Cape Cod, MA, upstate New York and in her hometown, St. Louis, MO. Her work is in collections worldwide including the Sony, Dow Jones, Standard and Poors Asia, the Bibiliotech National and Sheraton Hotels, Montreal. Potash’s work has received grant support from the New York State Council on the Arts, the Puffin Foundation, the Bell Atlantic Foundation, Fuji and Ilford Inc. Her work has appeared in national and regional publications including Harper’s Magazine, the Sun Magazine, the New Yorker, Mirabella and Art News. 


10. Starting Bid $20 (bid increments of $5)  - Email Atina  Bid 1: $20 Bid 2: $25, Bid 3: $35

Jennifer Zackin (Saugerties) 11.

An hour long weaving session with Jennifer at her studio in Saugerties; while Jennifer weaves her guests are invited to talk to her about any subject they wish.  Essentially weaving you into the woven vortex. Jennifer's studio is above Inquiring Mind Bookstore in Saugerties, NY 

For the last 17 years Jennifer Zackin has been integrating public art, sculpture, installation, performance, collaboration, ceremony, photography, video, collage and drawing into acts of reverence and reciprocity. Whether wrapping trees in patterns of brightly colored rope, growing medicinal herbs in a public garden for public use, offering large masses of rose petals to oceans and lakes, creating absorbent tentacles ("hair booms") out of salvaged materials to aid in the clean-up efforts of toxic spills, Zackin seeks to engage and create community in her process, bringing art and ritual into everyday life. Every act is an exploration of exchange, communion, performance, skill-sharing and mark-making.

Her work has been exhibited in national and international museums, including the Whitney Museum of American Art NY, Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art CT, Spertus Museum - Chicago IL, Rose Museum MA, the Wexner Center for the Arts OH, Contemporary Art Museum- Houston TX, The Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Høvikodden - Norway, Institute of Contemporary Art- Boston MA and the Zacheta National Art Gallery - Warsaw, Poland. Commissions include Governors Island NYC with LMCC, Katonah Art Museum NY, Socrates Sculpture Park LIC - Queens NY and the Berkshire Botanical Gardens - Stockbridge, MA. She is the recipient of fellowships and residencies, including Factory Direct at Pinchbeck Rose Farm, Art Omi, Atlantic Center for the Arts and the Skowhegan School for Painting and Sculpture. http://www.jenniferzackin.com/

11. Start the bidding at $27 with $9 dollar increments - Email Atina

Christin Ripley (Catskill) 12. 

12. a. Round marbled floor pillows. 1 for sale.  Starting Bid - $33 - Email Atina

13. b. Round marbled floor pillows - unstuffed (there are 2 being offered, each bid is for 1) Starting Bid - $20 HIGH BID for both  $20 + $20

12. c. Round pillow cases made from found fabrics - unstuffed (there are 5 being offered, each bid is for 1, or $100 for all 5) Starting Bid - $20 

Christin Ripley is a designer based in upstate NY, applying printmaking techniques on fabric for her line "Objects 'n the Round". All pieces are designed, printed, and sewn in her Catskill studio. She received a BFA from Cooper Union and has held a variety of internships and residencies in the book and paper arts. INSTAGRAM 

Objects 'n the Round is a art and design studio practicing techniques in sculpture, printmaking, marbling, sewing, woodworking, knotting, paper-making and bookbinding. Providing services in sign-making, sewing, prototyping, fabricating & workshops.


Lovid (Durham) 13. 



Carrie Dashow (Catskill) 14. 


14. A. Companion Planting Composite

Silkscreen on Paper. 23" x 35"  1/4, each unique. 2017

Starting Bid - $100 (bid increments of $10)  - Email Atina

14. B.  Scapes and Roses (help each other out). From the  ongoing Companion Planting Series.  Silkscreen on Paper. 9" x 9"  1/27.  2017

Starting Bid - $50 (bid increments of $5)  - Email Atina


Both images are from the Companion Planting Natural and Social series started in Catskill and printed at Women's Studio Workshop in Rosendale, with the assistance of the The Greene County Individual Artist Award. Through an ongoing project of talking with local growers about what plants like each other, this series is intended to help the artist and viewer with the more relational aspects of the garden.  While Scapes and Roses (exhibit B) is are accurately 'friends', The Companion Planting Composite (exhibit A), is just that, a summary of several combinations and not intended for actual growing purposes!

Besides co-conspirator of Atina Foods and Emporium, More about Carrie's art here:


Lilah Freedland (Red Hook)  15.



15. A. . Who You Are That Reality Is

4 color letterpress print. 11"x22". Starting Bid $75


15. B. Matriarchy Now

letterpress print. 11"x14".  Starting Bid $50

HIGH BID - $50


15. C.  E.F.Shumacher.  

letter press print. 8"x11" Starting Bid $20                - Email Atina

Mollie Dash (Catskill) 16. 

16. a. Mohair and wool freeform necklace. Dimensions for the necklace: 25" length around the neck. Pendant with fringes hangs 11". Starting bid $20.  (bid increments of $5)  - Email Atina

16. b. Rainbow Hanging. Rainbow-hued acrylic yarn is interwoven with faded and aged waxed cotton cord. Ethiopian brass beads hang at random lengths. Piece is finished on the back with repurposed nylon fabric. 16" long, 2.5" wide. Starting bid $20.  (bid increments of $5)  - HIGH BID $20 SOLD

Mollie Dash lives a low-impact life in Catskill, New York. She crafts her jewelry and hanging ornaments from materials found, received from friends and obtained second-hand. Coming from a background in painting and printmaking, she treats yarn and cord like fluid materials, entering a meditative state as each form emerges. In contrast to her work with organic, abstract objects, Mollie delves into the cerebral, activist side of art as co-founder of the Catskill Mapping Project. Here, she seeks to form civic engagement by inviting the public to create their own, unique maps of Catskill Village. She is currently creating a large and detailed map entitled "Walking Catskill," which addresses pedestrian access, the loss of public green spaces, and government policy which supports a car-centric culture. 

instagram.com/ebmerc                              mappingcatskill.tumblr.com                             ebmerc.com


Alon Koppel (Catskill) 17. 


Bench and Cactus, Sea of Galilee

Israel, 2016

Color print 8" x 8"


17. Starting bid $40.  (bid increments of $10)  - Email Atina


Asia Sosnowski 18. 


Tea bowl (2 up for auction separately)

Made of 100% Catskill / Hudson River valley clay, naked fired exterior and brushed native glaze interior.

A) with foot.  3 2/16" x 3 7/16"

B) foot-loose.  3" x 3 10/16"

Sen Earthenware/  asiasosna.com / alluding to quality of placidity; to a potent void between peace in rest or falling asleep and vivid presence.

18. Starting bid for each $35.  Please note A) or B). (bid increments of $5)  - Email Atina

Sam Sebren (Athens) 19.


One Handmade, 2 color stencil, "nothing is real" tee shirt

Durable for washing, but will last even longer if hand washed.

Size Options! 

-   Men's large or medium, white, 100% cotton, black and green design

-   Women's small, pink (slightly fuscia ), 100% cotton, black and red design 

Bio:  https://wavefarm.org/ta/artists/qa3dxc

19. Starting bid $25.  (bid increments of $5)  - Email Atina


Julie Ryan (Brooklyn and Spencertown) 20.

Julie Ryan

The Devil's Sonata, ceramic artist glazed plate

13" diameter 


170 Suffolk Showroom exhibition: http://www.showroom170.com/julieryan.html

Instagram: Lakejulieryan

20. Starting bid: $100 (bid increments of $20)  - Email Atina

Greene County Council on the Arts (Catskill) 21.

A) NEW (may not be used as a renewal) one-year membership at the Individual/Artist level. Details of membership can be found at GCCA.

Starting Bid $35 - Email Atina  High Bid: $35  SOLD

B) one GCCA “Between the Lines”  tote bag featuring quick figurative sketches by Kiki Smith and designed by Tasha Depp.

Starting Bid $10 - Email Atina

C) one boxed set of postcards “40 Years/40 Artists”  commemorative of GCCA 40th Anniversary featuring 40 images by 40 Hudson Valley artists, most of whom are GCCA Artist Members.

Starting Bid $25 - HIGH BID $25 SOLD

Violet's Bakery (Saugerties) 22. 

Sina Clark is a fantastic Baker, former manager of Magnolia Bakery in NYC, we have her now! She makes cakes and other delights for Circle W and sells them out of her booth at the Saugerties Farmer's Market on Saturdays. Desserts and Savorys!

You are bidding on a coupon for a Chai butternut Squash Bundt cake with a walnut glaze - Made just for you within the next 6 months. Pick up at farmers market or her Saugerties house. You make the arrangements. Retail value: $40. (picture is not necessarily the same cake, but a replica:)

FB: violetsbakery.

Starting Bid $35 (increments of $5)