We had some great events this past summer and look forward to warmer months with you! 

Summer and Fall, Atina Emporium, is an outdoor space located on our property in Catskill. Centered around our outdoor kitchen with homemade wood fired stove, half house theater, we have carved out a space. Here we cook Sunday Luncheons, sometimes music, ceremonies, classes and more. Ever expanding, it is a lovely place to be! 

If you are interested in our events, please sign our mailing list on the front page). We send emails out about a week before each event. Also posted on our Facebook page  and Instagram. 

For our Sunday Luncheons, we cook seasonal and local organic vegetables from local farms and our home. Mainly Ayurvedic South Indian style, vegetarian, mostly Vegan and Gluten free, our menus are decided the day before with what bounty we have by then. Always plenty for everyone, thee are family style, communal events!

If you have an idea, something you want to do,  let us know. 

The Notary

Get things Notarized in very special ways - Sundays, at the Emporium. 

Companion Planting Project

Come see results! Bring results!

To Find the EMPORIUM, Enter on the North driveway from 4464 Route 32, Catskill NY 12414