At Atina Foods, Everything is Made By Hand.

Our Jars are made from fine ingredients, local when possible otherwise from their country of origin. And are constantly make new connections with local farmers, and also growing our own. Our recipes are crafted from Suresh's years of practice, travel and eating, where he learned to cook as a young boy with his mother and other local matriarchs in Kerala, South India, Since then he has honed his craft through traveling abundantly and seeing and tasting how recipes have changed through the migration of the Indian Diaspora throughout the Middle East, South America and now  here his new home of Upstate, New York.

---FOR NOW, Our JARS are only available at the local markets or if we are open at the Emporium. The Store below is just meant to show you what we carry, we will put it live eventually. For now, please visit us LIVE!

Prices vary from $9 for 4 oz, $13 for 6 oz (our newest jars), and $16 for 8 oz, add $1 for our two turmeric options.                                                                                                                     Buy the 4 and 8 oz before we run out and only have beautiful new 6 ounces!