Our vision at ATINA FOODS is to produce and share holistic food based on traditional knowledge systems using local produce when available, at affordable prices. We follow the sacred wisdom of the ancients, that food is medicine and medicine is food. Atina Foods began in 2015 by married team, Carrie Dashow and Suresh Pillai, in Catskill, New York. In a short span of three years we have successfully developed and marketed our unique products and have found great acceptance among our patrons mainly in the areas of upstate New York.

Our recipes are evolved from Suresh's traditional upbringing in Kerala, South India, ancestral home of Ayurvedic health practices and a place where one considers food as medicine eating for health is a practiced custom. Cooking with his family and travel through out the diaspora and beyond have found their way to our new local land of Catskill, New York. Combining produce from the country of origin with local and home grown material, we look for the most health beneficial combinations from there to here, as Ayurveda not only means what we can get far away, but that the restorative elements are in one's present habitat. Watched over by ATINA, the Corn Goddess of the Mohicans, whose mountain feet we sit at, we are guided in this discovering.

ATINA FOODS produces vegan, vegetarian and mostly gluten free condiments; pickles, herbal jams, and snacks based on the ancient Indian system of medicine, Ayurveda, practiced widely and traditionally in Suresh's home state of Kerala, South India. Atina Foods uses home grown herbs and vegetables from our own garden and other locally sourced produce, when available, as well as some from their country of origin. We grow herbs such as Fenugreek, Mustard, Garlic and a host of vegetables that we use in our products and dinners. Using minimal oil and salt (minus salt pickles) and good quality ingredients, our food products include whole wheat, bean and home made rice flours. We aim to include local grains and legumes. As our business blossoms, our collaborations with farmers is also growing. We cook out of a certified kitchen in Saugerties NY.

Food in Ayurveda is meant to generate Agni Deepti (Fire of brilliance) to the Jataragni (Fire inside the stomach), this is the preliminary process of digestion before food is converted into nutrition and energy.  The practice of making food, is to bring out the potency of the materials used in the food to give the body and mind a nourishing experience through taste. It is important that food tastes great and is made up of healthy whole (not processed) ingredients, optimizing the nutritious and delicious benefits.

Our product range presently consists of shelf stable jarred foods, supplemented with snacks and other edibles. With an interest in sharing the basics of these healthful practices, we have begun cooking lessons and host regular local family style pop up dinners when in season, using primarily food from our own garden.

ATINA is the legendary Corn Goddess of the Mohicans, whose land we live on. Please visit this beautiful story about her.

You can find us at Local Markets, Pop up Dinners, hosting Workshops or come visit us at  ATINA EMPORIUM in Catskill on some Sundays in the summer, where we have our jars, dinners and events! Check out our calendar!

Who Are We

Carrie and Suresh are the team that runs Atina Foods and Emporium. They met in a cyclone and have been continuing the tradition ever since in their new found native homeland of Upstate, New York. From their small property speckled with gardens and birds while they watch the wall of Manitou, otherwise known as the start of the Catskill Mountain range, watched over by ATINA, Corn Goddess of the Mohicans.

With a background as a performance, media and visual artist, Carrie has taught arts and media to students of all ages and continues to produce performance and participatory artworks. You can see some of her projects on her website.

Suresh hails from Kerala, South India, homeland to the traditional practices of Ayurveda. As a consummate cultural practitioner, he has been engaged in numerous projects from building community museums to making films. He learned to cook traditional foods at a young age from the women in his household and has traveled extensively, picking up methods of making great tastes along the way.

As an American born Jew and an Indian born Hindu, we do believe that all our food tastes great on Dosas, Rice, and Bagels and Cream Cheese!

Past Events with ATINA

Have an idea for the Outdoor Emporium, want us to do a workshop, want to help out, drop us a line!