Using ancient Ayurvedic spice combinations for optimum flavor and health, ATINA FOODS traditional style condiments are handcrafted in Upstate New York. Food is medicine and Taste is the vehicle!

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At Atina Foods and Emporium we specialize in traditionally prepared condiments; Chutneys, Pastes and Salt Pickles using local and international ingredients. Our strong and unique flavors are skillfully combined to bring out the best taste and health benefit for your food and your self. ATINA FOODS will make anything you put it on swoon in amazing and invigorating taste, whether you are a good cook or not! Our Chutneys, particularly, are made in the style of an Ayurvedic Lehyam, or herbal Jam, using ancient combinations of whole spices, fruits, roots and herbs preserved in Jaggery, a minimally processed Indian Sugar, for healing and in our case, Taste. Food is medicine, and taste is its vehicle! Our recipes are evolved from Suresh's traditional upbringing in Kerala, South India, ancestral home of Ayurvedic health practices and a place where one considers food as medicine eating for health is a practiced custom. Cooking with his family and travel through out the diaspora and beyond have found their way to our new local land of Catskill New York. Combining produce from the country of origin with local and home grown material, we look for the most health beneficial combinations from there to here, as Ayurveda not only means what we can get far away, but that the restorative elements are in one's present habitat. Watched over by ATINA, the Corn Goddess of the Mohicans, whose mountain feet we sit at, we are guided in this discovering. At present, you can find us at local Farmer's Markets, at our Emporium on Sundays in the warmer months, or here, online in front of your eyes!  

Peruse our online wares or Find our products 'live' at our Marketsin warmer months you can visit us at the Emporium. If you are interested in bulk orders, be in touch.

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