At Atina Foods, everything is made by hand in small batches, by us

Our Jars are made from whole, fine, all natural ingredients, local when possible, otherwise from their country of origin. Local ingredients are generally uncertified organic, we are actively make connections with local farmers, as well as growing our own. A list of the farms we work with is in the works. Our original recipes are crafted from Suresh's years of cooking, travel and eating. As a young boy, he learned to cook from his mother and other family matriarchs in Kerala, South India. Since honing his craft through travel and tasting how recipes have changed through the migration of the Indian diaspora throughout the Middle East, South Americas to our home of Upstate, New York, where we have adapted these spice combinations with regional and global fruits roots and spices, to create our unique ATINA FOODS taste!

Eat the Food That’s Good for you and enjoy our condiments at your own home! 

While we have the largest variety of our products at our Upstate Farmer’s Markets, we are happy to now offer you our 'online emporium'!

  • WINTER 2019, our shipping will be a little slow as we are on tour. Expect orders to be processed within one week, then shipping time.

  • Orders placed by FRIDAY, will go out by mid following week.

  • At this time, we can not ship out of the USA.