Soon , we will be Open on Sundays throughout summer. We are hosting a benefit on June 11th to make sure this happens - Come and help! We will post here  when all is ready, or email us to make sure! 

Located on our property in Catskill, Atina Emporium, is a place we sell our goods, or goods we think are good!

THE EMPORIUM is an Expanded Farm Stand, where we plan to host events, tea, dinners, sunday shop, farm stand and more!  

Here you will find all of our 7 products, seasonal specials, tastings and more to come.

Home of our traditional outdoor kitchen and a Sunday shop of our and other good goods at our sorted farm stand of sorts. 

Have some Chai, Bring your friends and Just Say hi!

Events will be announced here, and on the calendar! Make sure to sign up for our mailing list!

If you have an idea, something you want to do,  let us know. 

The Notary

Get things Notarized in very special ways - Sundays, at the Emporium. 

Companion Planting Project

Come see results! Bring results!

To Find the EMPORIUM, Enter on the North driveway from 4464 Route 32, Catskill NY 12414