Woodstock Farm Festival

Where to Find Us!

In the warmer months you can find us in Upstate New York at Farmer's Markets and soon on Sundays at our very own Emporium located from on the  Northside of 4464 Route 32, Catskill NY 12414

Wednesday: Every other week and then some most of July: Woodstock Farm Festival, Starting May 31st, 3:30 - Dusk. 6 Maple Lane, Woodstock, NY.  (Subject to change) June 28, July  05, 12, 26, Aug 9, 23, Sept 6, 20, Oct 4, 18, Nov 1

Friday Nights: Once a month, we will post here and email our list: Catskill Farmers Market, Starting June 2nd, 4:30 - 8 pm, Dutchman's Landing, Catskill. 

Saturday: Hudson Farmer's Market, Starting April 22nd, 9 - 1pm, N 6th St and Columbia, Hudson, NY, 9 am - 1 pm,

Saturday: Kingston Farmer's Market, Starting May 13th, 9 - 2 pm, Wall Street, Kingston NY (in front of the Old Dutch Church).

ATINA FOODS IN USE and where else to BUY! 

HiLo Cafe in Catskill: Everyday at Catskill’s amazing and newest cafe, Where they will serve you a cheese panini with our special *Zucchini Pickle (*not found in markets!! but we will carry it at our home location ATINA EMPORIUM for Sundays Luncheons ). Order the HiLo signature drink: throw back a shot of Fernet with a hunk of Turmeric Sweet Paste! YUMM. Plus other unknown concoctions. HiLo is at 365 Main Street in Catskill. 

DUO PANTRY,  297 Wall St, Kingston. You can buy 4 of our products (Sweet Turmeric paste, Turmeric Ginger Pickle, Inji Puli and Sweet Garlic Pickle at DUO Pantry in Kingston! Plus the chef is experimenting with some of our other products!

Olsen and Company 91 Partition St. Saugerties. 

Wise Owl Cafe  On something! 196 Main St Saugerties NY.

Have an idea? We are open!