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Ayurveda is the Indian practice of holistic medicine and an important part of it is diet. In Ayurvedic medicine, certain foods and herbs are eaten together to balance out a person’s health and to benefit digestion, immunity and more. While many Indian foods are Ayurvedic, many specialty brands are now expressly branding their products with the term... Atina Foods makes traditional Indian herbal jams, pickles and pastes, from “home recipes evolved from Indian Ayurvedic healing traditions.”

July 6, 2018, Maura Judkis

Heritage Radio

  1. Good Food Mercantile. Carrie Talks about Atina and the Emporium, NYC June 29, 2018 Heritage Radio on Tour

  2. An Open Exchange of Food and Ideas at GFM (Good Food Mercantile) Suresh and Carrie talk with Ethan Frisch of Burlap & Barrel and host of Why Food? . San Francisco, CA., January 12th, 2019. ( 24:00 minutes in)



HiLo Catskill and our Pickles

150ish the Local Dish Francesca and Marisa “Atina Foods are condiments that bring balance and flavor” Jan 24, 2019


We love HiLo, they make amazing food, especially when they use our pickles!

TIMES UNION ALBANY Worth the Drive: "There's Atina Foods' nose-prickling ayurvedic pickles"

BROOKLYN BASED Browse the in-house art gallery as you await a Norman Bates sandwich, the house grilled cheese on focaccia toast, which gets its sparkle from a locally-made Indian pickle spread" May 15, 2018

BROOKLYN DOUBLE WIDE "But the real showstopper on HiLo's carefully curated snack menu is the toasted cheese sandwich on Catskill Bread Co. focaccia with Indian pickle spread from Catskill's own Ayurvedic Atina Foods." Oct 6, 2017

Wise Owl Cafe Saugerties and our Pickles. 

The Wise Owl may be closed now, but this review is still there!

HUDSON VALLEY MAGAZINE The Monk, a power plate dish of organic chickpea tempeh with Atina Foods’ Indian pickle, accompanied by steamed kale and quinoa with garlic drizzle, is another tasty standout. Aug 22, 2017