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We are all Indian Brunch

Our next Emporium luncheon, event!

if you have the day off, come on over!

MONDAY not Sunday, OCTOBER 9th

We Are All Indian, a South Indian Luncheon with Special Guests* 

1 - 4 pm. 

With local foods cooked in our outdoor kitchen on our handmade stove for you and those next to you. Menu will be decided after weekend markets:

yes, it Will be delicious, nurturing, and there will be plenty of it! (Starters with soup plus, at least three mains, and something sweet, with herbal tea throughout). 

All Vegetarian  $20 per person, 1/2 for kids under 12, unless they are real small. 

Please RSVP, (While mostly the meal is GF and vegan, please do let us know if you are vegan for our prep.)

We will respond with directions and any other infos. 


As many of you probably are aware, Atina Foods is rooted in ancient system of Indian medicine, Ayurveda,  which teaches us that Food is medicine and medicine is food. Ayurveda also advises us that each geographical region has its own food and medicines and people live in the habitat should develop their own food and medicine which is the same in all traditional system of medicines. 

On this second Monday in October, columbus day, Indigenous Peoples Day, we offer this food to our Great Corn Mother Goddess of Mohicans, Atina. 

On this auspicious occasion, we request our patrons to bring a PRINTED copy of a recipe of food, drink infusion, edible ingestibles, that you have developed or use from foods / materials grown locally! As an act of sharing your indigenous knowledgeas a possible way to declare our nativity on this 2nd Monday in October.


* Special Guests

To help us celebrate, and bring us closer to the where we are, We welcome our friends: Peter Coates and Evan Pritchard.


Peter Coates:

A Musical Collaboration With Nature. 

Peter makes ambient soundscapes with the frequencies harvested from the green world around us and accompanies this on the Japanese koto.


Evan Pritchard:

a descendant of the Micmac people (part of the Algonquin nations) co-founder of The Center for Algonquin Culture, author, musician, historian and presenteer of native culture, particularly in New York area. 

Who may sing, dance, talk, listen.  



anything else you’d like to add? Surprise us!


 - If you are interested in helping, we can use you in the kitchen, only it means you’d have to come real early! - 




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