One of the most important suggestion that we keep telling to our new customers who choose to use our condiments is about the way in which our products are used . We use natural ways to ferment our pickles and chutneys and are naturally designed to live for a long period of time if they are handled properly. None of our pickles have added vinegar in it to increase the acidity which means the jars once opened must go inside the refrigerator. Secondly every time when you use the Inji Puli or any one of our condiments you  must always use dry spoon or in other words you must be very careful not to get any drop of water gets into the products since water can contaminate our products and can facilitate the growth of microbes . Avoiding wet spoons is an important act to remember to increase the longevity and maturity of the spread. Inji Puli paste.

Inji Puli is naturally designed not to attract any microbes during its entire life time. The product is prepared by evaporating the water contents from the ingredients and any measure of water getting into it can attract unnecessary microbial organisms. The spice combination of fenugreek, mustard and asafoetida is used to work as  natural preservatives and the taste of Inji Puli will increase if we allow it to mature, the more it mature better it tastes.

So we pray to all our customers to use ONLY CLEAN DRY SPOON to handle Inji Puli. Also most importantly we must avoid double dipping all the time.

I don’t know how far I am qualified to make comment on other person's ways of eating. Since a child I have been warned, sometimes by sever thrashing by elder women at home NOT to lick the serving spoon used for Chutneys and Pickles and putting it back into the jars. I have been told that there are two reasons why I should not lick the pickle serving spoon and putting it back in the jars. The first reasons was not to spread the microbes in my saliva to the other person without her/ his permission. The second reason, when I put the licked spoon back into the open jar of Inji Puli, I am not only spoiling the entire bottle but also spread the microbes to everybody. Mother advised, Inji Puli is naturally designed to live long .

Inji Puli, almost immediately generate plenty saliva when it touches mouth . Those who tasted Inji Puli, may agree with me that the feeling of warmth in the digestive track after taking a full spoon shot of Inji Puli is an experience worth exploring.

Food like Inji Puli is designed to produce digestive enzymes and is made to facilitate the elimination of undigested food from our bodies.  It is naturally designed to pump out unnecessary gas from our bodies. 

Inji Puli generates water saliva inside the body but can go bad if it touches the water while inside the jar.